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Anonymous asked:

Straight men don't fuck men... straight men are Not curious straight men will not take $ in exchange for gay sex... fags are gays who are sooo fucked up that they think they are straight... aka 70% of men... being married


Educate yourself. And by the way, glad to know you spent quite a bit of time on my blog. Now read this so it’ll make you feel better that you’re not alone…

So fucking sexy

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sweet bound hand job

This was Andrew’s sixth time cumming today. Even though it was pure torture after the first two times, he had learned long ago that complaining only earned him time in The Box. And any time in The Box was worse than being milked a hundred times…

The sweet sound of those whimpers is sweeter than any music! Andrew should learn to be grateful he is milked with such regularity… Some boys are denied such pleasure up to six weeks at a time… Some even six months!

This is super hot… I love to see forced orgasms


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Love this

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